Study and excavation of the bouleuterion and triporticus at Teos in Turkey (2022–)

The research aim of the project is to offer a new understanding of public buildings in Classical cities and its implications (economic, political, and cultural) for studies of ancient urbanism. The project will focus on the city of Teos in the Hellenistic and Roman periods and conduct a targeted excavation and full study of its bouleuterion and adjacent triporticus to reveal and challenge the limits of traditional categorizations of building types in the study of Greek and Roman architecture. In doing so, the project aims to explore the ways in which ancient buildings were multifunctional and puncture our long-held idea that each designated building type must relate to a different function.

The excavation of the bouleuterion and triporticus at Teos is a collaboration between the Teos Archaeological Project of Ankara University (2010-; directed by Musa Kadıoğlu) of the Department of Classical Archaeology of the Faculty of Languages, History and Geography of Ankara University and the Department of the History of Art of the University of Pennsylvania (2022–; Mantha Zarmakoupi).

Aerial view of bouleuterion and adjacent triporticus at Teos (© Musa Kadıoğlu, Teos Archaeological Project)

Funding: Penn University Research Foundation (2022); Williams Publication Fund (2023); Gerda Henkel Stiftung (2023-25)