Teos 3D reconstruction of Hermogenes’ temple of Dionysos (2021-)

The aim of the project is to conduct the 3D reconstruction of Hermogenes’ temple of Dionysos at Teos in Turkey. The 3D reconstruction of the temple’s architecture in a virtual environment will enable us to shed light on Hermogenes—an important figure of Greco-Roman temple building according to Vitruvius’ text whose buildings are not known due to the lack of their excavation and study. 

Although the temple and sanctuary of Dionysos at Teos have been subject to research since 1764, no in-depth archaeological and architectural study had been conducted to analyze their design and construction phases. The Teos Excavation Project of Ankara University (2010–; directed by Musa Kadıoğlu) has clarified the dating and construction process of the temple and sanctuary. The detailed documentation of the temple’s architecture conducted by the Teos Excavation Project has allowed Musa Kadıoğlu to question the extent to which the architect Hermogenes was part of its original design. The 3D reconstruction of the temple and sanctuary complements the study of the Teos Excavation Project and is a collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania (2021–; Mantha Zarmakoupi).